Infographic Map Illustration

Infographic Map Illustration

Sometimes what you need most is a picture. Like with this infographic map illustration. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is why infographics are so popular in magazines, brochures, reports and other materials. They show in an instant a message that otherwise might need a paragraph of text to convey. infographic pictures and illustrations are also very memorable and can provide an emotional response much more effectively than plain text. Also, they can be a much better aid to the memory. What we see, alongside what we read, can help things to stick better, and for longer, in our heads!

Driving School Map

Anne was setting up her own driving school and was looking for an illustrated map. It would form the centrepiece of the instruction booklet she would give to each of her learner drivers. The map would act as a reminder of the various manoeuvres and driving skills the students would need to learn. These could be ticked off on their map after each lesson. She wanted the map to show the areas where she would be taking the drivers for practise, such as a car park, suburban areas, shopping streets, roundabouts etc and to also show traffic signals and signs that would be relevant.

As with many clients she had a rough idea that needed fleshing out in the style of her choice. The sketched out drawing of the map she gave me helped me to build the design for her in my design programme. I knew exactly where to place the roundabouts, roads, junctions etc. I enjoyed making the design and all through the process checked in with Anne to see what she thought of the draft versions so she could give me her feedback. We could then alter and adapt things. The end result was a success and both she and I were very pleased, which is what I aim for!

So if you need any infographic artwork designing No 14 Graphic Design can help create imagery to suit your needs. For statistics or facts for example. Or for maps and plans. In a style of your choosing.

Here is the learner drivers map for Route 55 Driving School in Wrexham.

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